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October 18, 2009  10:22 PM

Microsoft Enlists Family Guy to Pitch Windows 7

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Bill Gates, Family Guy, Jerry Seinfeld, launch party video, Microsoft, Seth McFarlane, The Simpsons, Windows 7

Microsoft is teaming up with the popular animated prime time show Family Guy to enlighten the masses about the virtues of Windows 7. The November 8th episode will air commercial free, but will...

October 18, 2009  9:29 PM

Success of 64-bit Internet Explorer Depends on Adobe

Posted by: Tony Bradley
64-bit, Adobe, Flash, Internet Explorer, Microsoft, Silverlight, Windows 7, Windows XP

Internet Explorer has had a 64-bit version since the Internet Explorer 6 that came installed with the 64-bit version of Windows XP. It hasn't exactly caught on yet. Very few people even realize it exists since the default-- even...

October 16, 2009  8:53 AM

Stating the Obvious- Windows 7 Should Be Secure

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Apple, Linux, Mac OS X, security, Windows 7

I stumbled across an article recently titled 10 Reasons Why Reliable Windows 7 Security is Critical to Users. I use and write about Windows 7 and I tend to...

October 13, 2009  10:40 PM

Microsoft and Adobe Unleash Deluge of Patches

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Acrobat Reader, Adobe, Critical, Flaw, Internet Explorer, Microsoft, Patch, Patch Tuesday, Security Bulletin, Vulnerability, Windows 7, Zero-Day

Do you use Windows? How about Internet Explorer? What the heck- do you have any Microsoft operating systems or applications on your computer? OK. Suffice it to say you are virtually guaranteed to be affected by the October Patch Tuesday. Microsoft

October 10, 2009  9:41 PM

Hints of Windows 8 (and Windows 9) Leaked

Posted by: Tony Bradley
128-bit, 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 logo, Windows 8, Windows 9

Windows 7 won't be officially available to the general public for almost 2 weeks, but there are already some hints out there about features we can anticipate in Windows 8 which isn't projected to be...

September 26, 2009  11:30 PM

Virtual Roundtable: Windows 7 Application Compatibility- Virtualization

Posted by: Tony Bradley
App-V, applications compatibility, Mark Russinovich, Med-V, Microsoft, virtualization, Windows 7, Windows XP Mode

This past week Microsoft's Springboard Series hosted another live virtual roundtable presentation. The sessions, hosted by Mark Russinovich, provide IT pros with an opportunity to hear from a panel of experts- including Microsoft internal resources, Microsoft MVP's, and customers. This...

September 23, 2009  11:22 PM

Decison Time: Upgrade the OS or the Whole PC?

Posted by: Tony Bradley
computer, hardware, Michael Scalisi, operating system, PC World, upgrade, Windows 7, Windows XP

October 22 is right around the corner- which means Windows 7 will be officially unleashed on the general public. Unlike its much-maligned predecessor, Windows Vista, Windows 7 has garnered virtually universal praise. If you are still hanging on (with a 'from my cold, dead hands' python-style...

September 22, 2009  10:15 PM

System Restore With a View

Posted by: Tony Bradley
reboot, repair, restore point, scan for affected programs, System Restore, troubleshoot, Windows 7

I am a fan of System Restore. You know when you call tech support and they ask silly questions like 'are you sure the device is plugged in?' or 'have you rebooted it?'? Well- 'have you restored your...

September 20, 2009  8:52 PM

Making Use of the Windows Key

Posted by: Tony Bradley
hotkeys, key combinations, keyboard shortcuts, shortcuts, Windows 7, Windows key

Apple has the Apple Key. So, at some point way back when Microsoft decided that they needed to follow suit and include a Windows Key on the PC keyboards. The problem was that they never seemed to really figure out *why* they needed a Windows Key (aside from emulating features from...

September 19, 2009  10:03 PM

Windows 7 HomeGroups Simplify Home Networking

Posted by: Tony Bradley
files, HomeGroup, music, networking, printer, resources, sharing, Windows 7

Networking home computers and sharing resources like files and printers has been possible in some way, shape, or form pretty much since Windows has existed. Microsoft has made great progress with Windows XP and Windows Vista, but for many users home networking is still part skill, and part blind...

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