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Windows 7

December 30, 2009  12:24 AM

Windows 7: More Than Just a Coat of Lipstick on Vista

Posted by: Tony Bradley
aero snap, Jump Lists, system resources, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Microsoft critics are fond of saying that Windows 7 is just Windows Vista with a makeover, or that Windows 7 is nothing more than Windows Vista Service Pack 3, or that it is the operating system Microsoft should have developed instead of Windows Vista. I never really had any issues with Windows...

December 30, 2009  12:15 AM

Windows 7 Will Define Microsoft’s 2010

Posted by: Tony Bradley
2010, holiday sales, PC sales, Windows 7, Windows XP

Since its release in October, Windows 7 has received kudos and rave reviews. Sales have been solid--although Windows 7 seems to have primarily replaced Windows Vista rather than Windows XP in market share, and it did not initially drive significant PC hardware sales. That was then, this is now....

December 20, 2009  11:19 PM

Microsoft Licensing Next-Generation exFAT File Format

Posted by: Tony Bradley
exFAT, FAT, flash memory, Microsoft, SD card, Windows 7

Microsoft is licensing its Extended File Allocation Table (exFAT) technology for use by other vendors. The exFAT format offers a number of advantages over FAT and FAT32-...

December 19, 2009  1:17 AM

2010: The Year of Windows 7 Malware

Posted by: Tony Bradley
2010, cloud, exploit, malware, security, Vulnerability, Web, Windows 7

Yes, and no. A blog post citing statements from Swedish security software developer

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December 17, 2009  11:35 PM

Windows 8 Wish List

Posted by: Tony Bradley
16-bit, 32-bit, ISO support, legacy support, Windows 7, Windows 8

Windows 7 still hasn't lost that "new operating system smell", but it's never too early to start listing the features and functions that are missing, or the annoying elements that you wish weren't there, so Microsoft has a running to-do list to work with as it begins early development of Windows...

December 17, 2009  11:27 PM

Holiday Fail–Windows 7 Family Pack Sold Out

Posted by: Tony Bradley
discount, holiday shopping, Microsoft, Windows 7, Windows 7 Family Pack, Windows 7 Home Premium

Reports have been circulating that the bargain-priced Windows 7 Family Pack has all but disappeared from store shelves and online inventories. Microsoft did market the specially priced...

November 30, 2009  11:33 PM

Ultimately, Windows 7 Ultimate is the Best Version

Posted by: Tony Bradley
which version of Windows 7, Windows 7, Windows 7 Ultimate, XP Mode virtualization

I understand why there is a Windows 7 Starter version. Offering a stripped-down version of the operating system to run lean and mean on low-end netbook computers is a brilliant strategic move. The full-blown Windows is too bloated for netbooks, but providing the Starter version still keeps...

November 30, 2009  11:22 PM

Address Windows 7 Upgrade Problems

Posted by: Tony Bradley
bad produtc key, endless reboots, installation hangs at 62 percent, Robert Strohmeyer, upgrade issues, Windows 7

Windows 7 is a success by almost any measure you can come up with, but that is not to say it has been completely without issue. Users have experienced a variety of issues when trying to upgrade to Windows 7.  PC World's Robert Strohmeyer deals with some of the more prevalent issues in his article...

November 30, 2009  11:17 PM

Windows 7 Increases PC Demand

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Mac OS X, operating system, PC sales, Windows 7, Windows XP

According to Acer, the #2 PC maker behind HP, Windows 7 is driving demand for new PC's this holiday season. That is good news for retailers, for PC makers, and for Microsoft. Initial

November 29, 2009  8:23 PM

Windows 7 Security: More Work to be Done

Posted by: Tony Bradley
ASLR, BitLocker-to-Go, DEP, file extensions, IE8, security, UAC, Windows 7, Windows Firewall, Windows XP, XP Mode virtualization

Microsoft's Windows 7 is the most secure desktop operating system it has ever produced. Of course, why shouldn't it be. It seems reasonable to...

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