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April 9, 2012  8:00 PM

OnLive Makes an Effort to Go Legit

Posted by: Tony Bradley
OnLive, VDI, virtual desktop, virtual server, Windows desktop

OnLive fell afoul of Microsoft's good graces as a result of hosting Windows 7 online and offering it virtually as a service for mobile devices like the...

June 30, 2011  2:42 PM

Windows Desktop Virtualization FAQ

Posted by: Tony Bradley
App-V, Med-V, VDI, virtualization, Windows

Despite the push to the cloud--or even because of the push to the cloud--desktop virtualization remains a hot topic for IT admins. Microsoft continues to hone its virtualization offerings to make it easier to deploy and manage virtual desktops. The Microsoft Windows for Your Business Blog...

June 25, 2011  12:12 AM

Windows 8 Could Revolutionize the Way IT Manages Windows

Posted by: Tony Bradley
desktop, Hyper-V, VDI, virtualization, Windows 8

Most of the business PCs in the world run some flavor of Windows, and most IT admins and support personnel spend a significant amount of time managing those platforms and troubleshooting issues. There is some speculation that Windows 8 could fundamentally alter that paradigm. There are few (if...


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