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July 18, 2013  3:35 PM

Waka Waka solar-powered mobile device charger

Posted by: Tony Bradley
smartphone, tablet, wireless

Do you know what sucks? Having your smartphone or tablet die in the middle of the day. Do you know what sucks more? Having your smartphone or tablet die in the middle of the day when you're nowhere near an outlet to recharge it.

July 27, 2011  7:47 AM

Can “Mango” Compete with iPhone and Android?

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Android, Blackberry, iOS, Mango, smartphone, Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has released "Mango"--officially Windows Phone 7.5--to manufacturers, so the clock is ticking toward a new generation of Windows Phones hitting the street this fall. In fact, the first of the "Mango" smartphones

February 23, 2010  8:54 PM

Windows Phone 7 Unveiled

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Android, iPhone, smartphone, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7

Its only about a year or so behind schedule (or is it two years now?), but at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona Microsoft finally revealed the reinvention of Windows Mobile,


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