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February 14, 2010  9:58 PM

February Patch Tuesday Nearly Record-Setting

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Flaw, Microsoft, Patch, Patch Tuesday, security, security bulletins, update, Vulnerability

There are some records that are good to achieve--most copies of Windows sold in a month, or most profitable quarter in company history, etc. Then, there are less desirable records, like say....the highest number of security bulletins, or the most vulnerabilities patched in a single Patch...

January 31, 2010  11:21 PM

What You Need to Know About Windows 7 Security

Posted by: Tony Bradley
ASLR, BitLocker, DEP, PMIE, security, UAC, User Account Control, Windows 7

Windows 7 is the most secure desktop operating system Microsoft has yet developed. As exhibited in Microsoft's most recent Security Intelligence...

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January 31, 2010  8:38 AM

Understatement Fail: “Windows 7 May Face Attacks in 2010″

Posted by: Tony Bradley
attacks, Flaw, malware, security, virus, vulnerabilities, Windows 7, worm

It ranks up there in prescience with predictions like "Yankees will play baseball in 2010", or "Families will eat dinner in 2010", or "The Republicans will put special interests and big business contributors ahead of what is best for the country or the constituents they represent in 2010". You get...

January 27, 2010  9:18 PM

Windows 7 is Secure, But Not Impervious

Posted by: Tony Bradley
antivirus, Microsoft Security Essentials, security, Windows 7

Microsoft added a variety of features and made a number of improvements in Windows 7. Many of the improvements focus on making the operating system more secure, however Windows 7 is still far from invulnerable. A

December 30, 2009  11:30 PM

Windows XP: The Path of Least Resistance for Attacks

Posted by: Tony Bradley
ASLR, DEP, protected mode IE, security, UAC, Windows 7, Windows XP

I'll let you in on a little secret...Windows 7 is more secure than Windows XP. According to the most recent Microsoft Security Intelligence...

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December 19, 2009  1:17 AM

2010: The Year of Windows 7 Malware

Posted by: Tony Bradley
2010, cloud, exploit, malware, security, Vulnerability, Web, Windows 7

Yes, and no. A blog post citing statements from Swedish security software developer

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November 29, 2009  8:23 PM

Windows 7 Security: More Work to be Done

Posted by: Tony Bradley
ASLR, BitLocker-to-Go, DEP, file extensions, IE8, security, UAC, Windows 7, Windows Firewall, Windows XP, XP Mode virtualization

Microsoft's Windows 7 is the most secure desktop operating system it has ever produced. Of course, why shouldn't it be. It seems reasonable to...

November 27, 2009  12:54 AM

Protecting Data from Internal Threats

Posted by: Tony Bradley
compromise, enemy within, insider threat, security, Windows 7, Windows XP, Zecurion, Zecurion Partner Network, ZGate

The information security industry is built on a model of protecting internal network assets and resources from external threats. IT and security administrators are heavily invested in the concept of the network perimeter and an us-vs-them approach. The problem is that most of the threats actually...

November 10, 2009  11:27 PM

Security Researchers Concerned about Flaw in Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers

Posted by: Tony Bradley
drive-by attack, kernel-mode drivers, Microsoft, MS09-063, MS09-065, nCircle, Patch Tuesday, security bulletins, Tyler Reguly, vulnerabilities, Windows

Today is Patch Tuesday for November, 2009. Microsoft released 6 new Security Bulletins for November--3...

November 2, 2009  11:05 PM

Security-as-a-Service Makes Sense for SMB Budgets

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Managed Office Protection, Panda Security, PMOP, SaaS, security, security-as-a-service, Windows

Security is necessary. There is no way to avoid the need to protect network and computer resources. Companies can’t avoid the regulatory requirements they must comply with which stipulate how data must be protected from compromise and malicious...

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