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February 21, 2013  10:00 AM

It’s the ecosystem, stupid

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Microsoft, Microsoft Office, Office, Windows Phone, Windows tablets

Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry...

March 21, 2012  1:28 PM

Microsoft Cuts Back on Free Software for TechNet Subscribers

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Microsoft, Office, product keys, TechNet, Windows

One of the benefits of subscribing to Microsoft TechNet is that it gains you access to the latest Microsoft software. But, TechNet subscribers will soon have a little less access. An announcement on the TechNet subscriptions...

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March 8, 2012  4:56 PM

Microsoft Questions Legality of Onlive Streaming Windows / Office

Posted by: Tony Bradley
iPad, Microsoft, Office, OnLive, software license, Windows

OnLive has a very impressive service. For a nominal fee you can stream a complete Windows 7 desktop--with Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and even Adobe Flash--right to your iPad...

January 27, 2010  10:29 PM

Seven Things Microsoft Should Do in 2010

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Ballmer, Microsoft, Office, Windows 7, Windows Mobile, Yahoo, Zune

Microsoft has as much ying as it does yang in the success department these days. Windows 7 appears to be a grand slam hit, but Internet Explorer continues to be a bit of a whipping post, the Zune is cool but offers little competition for the iPods of the world, and if Windows Mobile 7 is delayed...


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