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March 21, 2012  1:28 PM

Microsoft Cuts Back on Free Software for TechNet Subscribers

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Microsoft, Office, product keys, TechNet, Windows

One of the benefits of subscribing to Microsoft TechNet is that it gains you access to the latest Microsoft software. But, TechNet subscribers will soon have a little less access. An announcement on the TechNet subscriptions...

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March 8, 2012  4:56 PM

Microsoft Questions Legality of Onlive Streaming Windows / Office

Posted by: Tony Bradley
iPad, Microsoft, Office, OnLive, software license, Windows

OnLive has a very impressive service. For a nominal fee you can stream a complete Windows 7 desktop--with Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and even Adobe Flash--right to your iPad...

February 21, 2012  10:50 AM

Office for iPad Coming Soon?

Posted by: Tony Bradley
apps, iOS, iPad, Microsoft, Microsoft Office, Office 15

Microsoft appears to finally be embracing a strategy I have been evangelizing for years. Rather than building walls that try to force users to stick with the Windows operating system, or Windows Phone smartphones, Microsoft seems to be expanding its horizons and working to ensure that end users are...

February 2, 2012  10:51 AM

Staying InTune With Remote Users

Posted by: Tony Bradley
InTune, Microsoft, Windows, Windows InTune

Over time, the traditional concept of a job being in an office where people sit all day at a desk is eroding. The Internet and mobile computing have shrunk the world and torn down the walls. Now, organizations of all sizes can be more agile, and more flexible by employing people around the corner,...

January 19, 2012  10:55 PM

The Coolest $10,000 Coffee Table Ever

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Microsoft, Samsung SUR40, Surface 2.0

Ever since the video and details of the Microsoft Surface touchscreen tables first began to leak out a few years ago, the technology has been near the top of my list of "things...

August 4, 2011  11:01 AM

Microsoft Press Offers Up Free eBooks

Posted by: Tony Bradley
ebooks, free books, Kindle, Microsoft, Microsoft Press

Microsoft is epanding its program offering up certain Microsoft Press titles for free beyond PDF to include other ebook formats like Kindle. Paul Thurrott shares details of the new program on his

August 1, 2011  11:53 AM

Microsoft Releases MDOP 2011 R2

Posted by: Tony Bradley
DaRT, MBAM, MDOP, MDOP 2011 R2, Microsoft, Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack

Niamh Coleman, Director of Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) Product Management, announced via the

July 31, 2011  9:42 PM

Microsoft Launches New Version of OneNote for iPhone

Posted by: Tony Bradley
iPhone, Microsoft, OneNote, SkyDrive

Do you use OneNote? Do you have an iPhone? Have you been using the OneNote for iPhone app? Well, Microsoft launched OneNote for iPhone 1.2 recently which adds some new functionality. An

July 31, 2011  9:34 PM

WordPress Enables 20 Million Bloggers to Pin Sites in IE9

Posted by: Tony Bradley
blogs, IE9, Jump Lists, Microsoft, pinning, Wordpress

I have been a fan of Jump Lists since I started using Windows 7, and I have been a fan of pinning sites to the Task Bar as if they are desktop apps since I started using IE9. I can pin any site to the Task Bar, but only the sites that are designed to take advantage of the features really get any...

July 31, 2011  9:28 PM

Clock is Ticking to Death of Windows XP

Posted by: Tony Bradley
end of support, MDOP 2012, Microsoft, Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, Windows 7, Windows XP

Granted, the expiration of support for Windows XP is not until 2014--but that is now fewer than 1000 days from now which sounds a lot sooner. A recent

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