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December 31, 2009  8:13 AM

Keyboard Shortcuts for Common Windows 7 Functions

Posted by: Tony Bradley
keyboard shortcuts, keystroke commands, navigation, operation, Windows 7

I like my mouse, and I have a snazzy new 23" touch screen monitor--so I prefer to navigate the Windows 7 operating system with the point-and-click method we have grown to know and love with graphical user interfaces like Windows. I am, however, aware that keyboard shortcuts can be tremendous...

September 20, 2009  8:52 PM

Making Use of the Windows Key

Posted by: Tony Bradley
hotkeys, key combinations, keyboard shortcuts, shortcuts, Windows 7, Windows key

Apple has the Apple Key. So, at some point way back when Microsoft decided that they needed to follow suit and include a Windows Key on the PC keyboards. The problem was that they never seemed to really figure out *why* they needed a Windows Key (aside from emulating features from...


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