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August, 2011


August 17, 2011  9:09 PM

Fax? This Is 2011–Who Still Uses a Fax Machine?

Posted by: Tony Bradley
email, fax, faxing, Google Docs, InterFAX, scan

Faxing is so yesterday. No. Actually, faxing is so 90's. Aren't we supposed to be all digital and paper free by now? Sadly, the concept still comes up way more than I would like to admit. I cringe when I hear the words "just fax that back." My response is, "Fax? This is 2011. Who still uses a...

August 16, 2011  5:36 PM

Real 4G May Soon Be a Reality Thanks to Altair Semiconductor

Posted by: Tony Bradley
4G, Altair Semiconductor, HSPA+, LTE, WiMAX

Technically speaking, most of the wireless networks currently being marketed as 4G or LTE fall short of the 4G specification. The marketing spin eventually won, and the ITU agreed to call things like WiMAX and HSPA+ "4G". Now Altair Semiconductor is blazing trails with a

August 4, 2011  11:01 AM

Microsoft Press Offers Up Free eBooks

Posted by: Tony Bradley
ebooks, free books, Kindle, Microsoft, Microsoft Press

Microsoft is epanding its program offering up certain Microsoft Press titles for free beyond PDF to include other ebook formats like Kindle. Paul Thurrott shares details of the new program on his

August 1, 2011  11:53 AM

Microsoft Releases MDOP 2011 R2

Posted by: Tony Bradley
DaRT, MBAM, MDOP, MDOP 2011 R2, Microsoft, Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack

Niamh Coleman, Director of Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) Product Management, announced via the


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