Oh I See! Getting CIOs to view their jobs from a different angle:

strategic IT


August 24, 2010  2:49 AM

Another variation for the CIO!

Posted by: Arun Gupta
BITA, Chief Imagination Officer, CIO, strategic IT

Last week in my post OMG …, I wrote about a CIO perception that was probably the lowest that I have observed in so many years. That was the perception of those...

August 3, 2010  12:36 AM

Strategic or operational, the choice is yours

Posted by: Arun Gupta
balancing strategic and operational IT, BITA, CIO role, IT review meetings, operational IT, strategic IT

Recently, I met a CIO who was berating the fact that whenever (which is infrequent in any case) a meeting was scheduled to discuss the strategic IT agenda, the gathering ended up discussing operational issues in almost every case. This was leading to a buildup of frustration, and the CIO was...


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