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March 18, 2014  5:41 AM

Formula One IT

Posted by: Arun Gupta
Agile development, project management, setting expectations

Congratulations for being the chosen one! The business likes your solution and we are also fine with the technology, functionality and customer references. Now that we have an agreement on the price lets quickly get legalities and other formalities out of the way. The process for PO creation and...

September 18, 2012  7:13 AM

The final word on requirement gathering

Posted by: Arun Gupta
BITA, CIO, IT projects, outsourcing, Outsourcing effectiveness, project challenges, project management, Requirement gathering, scope creep

A heated debate ensued between the two project managers, from the development vendor and the customer respectively on change in

August 23, 2011  9:14 AM

I hate you for this

Posted by: Arun Gupta
BITA, Follow up, project management

The meeting finished with agreement on clear responsibilities, time lines and the next scheduled meeting date four weeks away. The minutes circulated to the team the next day captured this very well. Like all projects, this one was thus far on track though...

November 2, 2009  9:11 AM

To IT and its role in project failures

Posted by: Arun Gupta
Oh I See moment, project failures, project management

I recently read a report about the global annual cost of IT failures, wherein the author puts the figure at US$ 6.2 trillion based on certain assumptions. It’s almost half of...


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