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managing expectations


August 19, 2013  9:11 AM

Change of Boss

Posted by: Arun Gupta
change management, CIO, Leadership, managing expectations

Her castle suddenly appeared to be like a pack of cards precariously balanced which could come down collapsing at the slightest hint. The new person had a new agenda, a new style, a new set of ideas and notions on how your department should function, a new direction, and a new set of KPIs. Almost...

May 20, 2013  12:40 PM

Taken for a ride!

Posted by: Arun Gupta
CIO, IT vendors and the CIO, managing expectations, Selling to business, Selling to the CIO

By design, omission or inadvertently, all of us have faced the situation where the vendor has declared the product “end-of-life”. This puts at risk legacy applications, instrumentation, automation, or in many cases plain old processes that have survived all attempts to change them. CIOs and IT...

May 12, 2013  5:50 PM

Making hybrids work

Posted by: Arun Gupta
CIO, cloud computing, Hybrid cloud, managing expectations, Technology hype

January 23, 2013  9:04 AM

Action, reaction or discussion?

Posted by: Arun Gupta
Leadership, managing expectations, role of the CIO

Discussion The order was released to the vendor after multiple demonstrations and discussions with the business teams. Everyone agreed that any step is a step forward from their current reality; the vendor, IT team, and the users were excited with the new capability...

January 15, 2013  3:21 PM

A Strategic Discussion

Posted by: Arun Gupta
Leadership, managing expectations, role of the CIO, Strategic discussions

Recently I had a very interesting discussion with a CIO friend. She is by most benchmarks a successful CIO who has a credible record of delivering many solutions that business has used effectively across her many assignments. Over a year back she joined a company that is well established though...

January 4, 2013  5:12 PM

The CEOs pet project or the Emperor’s new clothes

Posted by: Arun Gupta
CIO, Leadership, managing expectations, role of the CIO

It was evident that the project wasn’t going anywhere in a hurry even though the CEO had endorsed and inaugurated it in a gathering of all key stakeholders. It was (had become) the CEOs project which no one believed in. The floundering state of affairs had the IT team and the CIO wondering on the...

December 11, 2012  8:45 AM

Building a partnership

Posted by: Arun Gupta
CIO, effective communication, engaging with the CIO, IT vendors, IT vendors and the CIO, managing expectations, managing vendors, vendor CIO alignment, vendor due diligence, vendor management

It does not matter if the vendor is big or small, local or global, domain-centric or broad-based, custom-solutions developer or provides package implementation services, hardware products, or

January 24, 2012  11:13 AM

Rotten eggs

Posted by: Arun Gupta
CIO, consumerization of IT, influencing outcomes, managing expectations, Vendor relationships

The craze for new gadgets and devices appears to be growing day by day. Emotions run high for some iconic devices and brands, where people are willing to endure cold nights and mornings, waiting for the store to open. The queues are visible across countries,...

August 2, 2011  1:01 AM

The power to say No

Posted by: Arun Gupta
BITA, CIO role, customer satisfaction, managing expectations

Over the years, the businesses' dependence on IT has grown to reach a state that it is unimaginable to think of any business running without IT. I am sure that we can start creating a list of exceptions which may be different by geography or economic classification,...

February 1, 2011  9:41 AM

CIO appraisals

Posted by: Arun Gupta
appraisals, CIO appraisal, CIO as a business leader, Communicating success, Leadership, managing expectations

A few weeks back, I met a CIO who was feeling elated post his annual appraisal with the local and global bosses. He had reason enough to be proud for the ratings received—expansion of role and monetary benefit (of course). I also had to deal with a CIO who took a long time raving about the...


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