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February 17, 2014  8:23 AM

The Corporate Social Media Network

Posted by: Arun Gupta
BYOD, Collaboration, Corporate social media, Social media

The trigger has been the wilder than earlier predicted adoption of social media websites, applications and mobile apps by all age groups across geographies and social strata. Every new innovation, fad or me-too has caught the fancy of not just consumers, but also investors. After denial and...

April 1, 2013  4:27 PM

The mobility conundrum

Posted by: Arun Gupta
BYOD, MDM, mobile computing, mobility

Take any event, survey or discussion with a vendor, or pick any IT magazine or newsletter, all of them have something on mobility and integrally linked to that is BYOD. Mobility has prominently featured in the top priorities in every survey. It has become as discussed or more a subject as BITA...

December 6, 2011  12:09 AM

Unraveling BYOD/T

Posted by: Arun Gupta
BYOD, BYOT, compliance, governance, IT policy, IT security

A trend that everyone is talking about, and which figures on every list (priorities, trends, technology, whatever) is Bring Your Own...

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April 26, 2011  5:08 AM

BYOD security: Paranoia or necessity?

Posted by: Arun Gupta
BYOD, CIO and agile security, information security, mobile explosion, mobile security

Not too long ago, IT departments faced the challenge of integrating a new consumer device into the corporate infrastructure; this was the iPad which took the fancy of every CXO and techno-affiliate with its cool factor. It did not matter that the tablet was another appendage to do everything that...


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