Oh I See! Getting CIOs to view their jobs from a different angle:

May, 2011


May 31, 2011  2:48 AM

CIO vacations

Posted by: Arun Gupta
CIO vacation, information on demand, mobile enterprise, work anywhere, work life balance

Earlier this month I was confronted by a peculiar but innocent question from a young professional: “Do CIOs take real vacations, I mean, real long vacations with friends and family, free from all the worries of workplace and fighting fires that keep them at work beyond the normal hours?” I...

May 24, 2011  11:28 AM

Outsourcing: Cheaper in the long term?

Posted by: Arun Gupta
CIO and outsourcing, IT Outsourcing, long-term contracts, outsourcing governance, short-term contracts, strategic sourcing

Once upon a time, many moons back, the IT industry discovered multi-shore sourcing, I use this term to encompass all types of (out)sourcing initiatives, and with that came long-term contracts; 10...

May 17, 2011  3:18 AM

Don’t turn my problem into your solution

Posted by: Arun Gupta
IT governance and the CIO, project challenges, software evaluation, Vendor sales targets

It was an interesting meeting of a few CIOs with the debate revolving around IT Governance. From all types of models being discussed, the common subject of woes shifted to business intelligence (BI). All the CIOs present had large investments in BI with varied degrees of success, some more than the...

May 10, 2011  7:06 AM

Would you pay more for quality?

Posted by: Arun Gupta
ERP vendor lock-in, maintenance contracts, patch management, patching software

In a class of MBA students, a discussion around quality frameworks veered towards ERP-class systems and the large amount of effort it takes to keep them running. The number of patches...

May 2, 2011  8:28 AM

Are online communities effective?

Posted by: Arun Gupta
managing unstructured data, networking sites, online communities, Social media and the CIO, social media strategy

In the year 1996, when India just started opening up internet access to its citizens, I happened to join one of the first online CIO communities. It was a small group of about 100, with...


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