Oh I See! Getting CIOs to view their jobs from a different angle:

October, 2010


October 24, 2010  11:14 PM

Communicating success, successfully

Posted by: Arun Gupta
CIO, Communicating success, IT lead innovation, IT projects, operational IT

There is an old Hindi song “The peacock danced in the jungle, who saw it ?”; no one is the wise answer. Now what has this got to do with the CIO and the IT organization ? A lot ! IT is one of those functions whose absence is felt a lot more than its presence. Whether it is a simple email or...

October 19, 2010  5:56 AM

Padding up the enterprise

Posted by: Arun Gupta
CIO, consumerization of IT, iPad and CIO

Recently, I had an interesting discussion with a handful of global CIOs from Korea, Japan, Germany, India, USA and a few others. It centered on the pains, acceptance and way forward on the much flashed about computing device — across all seminars, airports, lobbies and any other place that you...

October 12, 2010  1:30 AM

Happy Birthday!

Posted by: Arun Gupta
CIO, CIO Challenges, global CIO challenges, holy grail for CIO, human challenges, Oh I See

Many moons back, this column was conceptualized based on the intermittent musings posted on Oh I See. It has evolved with feedback from readers and critics in equal measure who keep providing me with feedback, headlines and thoughts...

October 5, 2010  12:40 AM

Speeches at award ceremonies

Posted by: Arun Gupta
business benefit from IT, CIO, CIO award, CIO speech, IT award

All of us have seen award ceremonies like Oscars or Grammies (on television or live). Some would have also received awards — usually followed by the award winner being asked to say a few words. Almost all of them sound like clichés, since they follow a predictable pattern. Recent times have...


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