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April 22, 2012  7:32 PM

Lotus Administration eBooks?

Posted by: David Vasta
Domino, eBooks, Lotus, Lotus Notes

I was in the shower, that is where I do all of my good thinking, and I said to myself....the last great Domino Book I have is over 9 years old and a few versions back, I think version 6. It might be high time to write a new book that  people can use. The problem is if you know the book I am...

November 4, 2010  8:49 PM

Lotus Notes 8.5.2 now supported on Ubuntu

Posted by: David Vasta
8.5.2, Lotus Notes, Ubuntu, Ubuntu 10.10

LINK :: http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg27019218 IBM has listed all of the version or flavors of Linux that Lotus Notes can run on. Redhat, SuSE, and Ubuntu, which I think is super all the...

November 2, 2010  9:33 AM

Lotus Notes is cool – New web site

Posted by: David Vasta
Lotus Notes, Notes is Cool

There have been some new sites, besides the Lotus site, that have sprung up talking about the positive things people don't know how awesome Lotus Notes truly is. LINK:: www.notesiscool.com "Welcome to notesiscool.com, the site...

October 26, 2010  10:45 AM

Work Smarter in Windows – With Lotus Notes!

Posted by: David Vasta
David Allen, Lotus Notes

It's like I wrote it myself. David Allen points out that he uses Lotus Notes to make Windows a better place. Thank you Mr. Allen, thank you!

LINK :: 

September 13, 2010  7:55 AM

Lotus Notes 8.5.2 on Ubuntu (Linux)

Posted by: David Vasta
8.5.2, Lotus Notes, Ubuntu

I am a huge fan of Linux and Ubuntu. I love using it. I will talk more later about how Lotus has complained about how much they hate Microsoft and at the same time continue to support them by only releasing the Lotus Designer and Administration tools for Windows. Michael Brown on his blog has...


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