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October 22, 2010  9:32 AM

Why the Windows Phone 7 is already dead

Posted by: David Vasta
Apple, Blackberry, iPhone, Lotus, Microsoft, Mobile Phones, Windows Phone 7

Talking about showing up late to the party.... The Windows Phone 7 is out and I would submit it is already dead or at least on life support. My next thought it how many of these will Microsoft give...

October 3, 2010  6:16 PM

Blackberry and other Mobile stuff

Posted by: David Vasta
Android, Apple, BES, Blackberry, iPhone, RIM

I have been talking and thinking a lot about the current landscape off offerings for mobile devices. I have been a 100% Blackberry user for the past 3 years. It's been good and while I use my BB all I can i still long for an Android or iPhone. Recently RIM came out with a new phone the Torch....


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