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November 15, 2010  4:45 PM

Facebook says email is dead- Not so fast!

Posted by: David Vasta
Facebook, Google, Lotus, Mark Suckberber, Orkut, Sametime, Web 2.0

Frankly I use Facebook, but I hate Facebook. If you know me you are now confused by that statement in that I use it a lot.... It's not something I want to exaggerate on right now. The truth of the matter is

November 1, 2010  4:57 PM

Lotus, is it the answer to the Social Media in the corporation?

Posted by: David Vasta
Facebook, Google, Lotus, Lotus Connections, Social Media, Web2.0

A lot of old established companies are in turmoil right now over what to do with social media. I also think Facebook missed a huge opportunity by not selling Facebook as a service along with mail and applications. I am happy they didn't but I thought that would be the next logical step for them....

September 24, 2010  1:25 PM

Everyone has to reboot . . . Even Facebook!

Posted by: David Vasta
Facebook, OS, Web 2.0

I am hard on Windows. I do not like the OS. I do not like the model they have used to move forward and the security is garbage out of the box. But that aside every OS has it flaws even UNIX and the System i. Every system has to be rebooted at times. Because OSes are written by humans and some are...

September 7, 2010  9:15 AM

Lotus and Social Media

Posted by: David Vasta
Facebook, LinkedIn, Lotus, Social Media

At some point we have to get off our rears and start using the Internet to blog, tweet, facebook and linkedIn. I am working on some big thinking stuff and was wondering, How do you use Social Media to promote your company or project? How do you use Lotus to integrate with your social media...


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