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Ed Brill


October 3, 2010  6:19 PM

Ed Brill – The future of Lotus

Posted by: David Vasta
Ed Brill, Future, Lotus

Link :: http://www.edbrill.com/ebrill/edbrill.nsf/dx/my-latest-notesdomino-strategy-presentation-on-slideshare Ed lays out in a powerpoint where Lotus is going....

September 16, 2010  8:34 AM

Ed Brill – Not a good day for the “other guys”

Posted by: David Vasta
Ed Brill, FUD, IBM, Lotus, Microsoft, PC Magazine

Ed has been on a roll lately. The competition seems to always have the upper hand as they deal in FUD, where Lotus and IBM don't seem to play those games. Much like in the work of politics the person who throws the most mud gets the most exposure. With that said PCMagazine puts it out there and...


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