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October, 2010

October 30, 2010  10:21 AM

The next step for Lotus

Posted by: David Vasta
Domino, Domino Designer, IBM, IBM i, IBM iOS, Lotus, Mac, MacOSX, Wish List

I don't have an inside line to Ed Brill's powerpoints or any kind of inside person at Lotus to feed me information, but I do know what the past has held and where I think Lotus should go with it. Here are a few things I would like to see Lotus do with the next few releases and while it may not be...

October 28, 2010  11:14 AM

Lotusphere 2011 – Sign up now!

Posted by: David Vasta
Lotus, Lotusphere, Lotusphere 2011, Orlando, registration

I am looking forward to seeing some faces in Orlando this year, and wanted to remind you Lotus people out there that Lotusphere 2011 is right around the corner.

October 28, 2010  8:29 AM

Pretty Lotus Icons

Posted by: David Vasta
Icons, Lotus, Lotus 8, Pretty

This is worth a repost. I love pretty icons and Lotus has stepped up to the plate with pretty with version 8. LINK :: Pretty Icons

October 28, 2010  8:17 AM

Domino Designer Information

Posted by: David Vasta
Domino, Domino Designer, Lotus

I know, I know....preaching to the choir, but I thought I would post this to share with those who might be searching for it and can't find it. Lotus Domino Designer is now a free offering to those tech savvy developers out there who want to get their feet wet using Lotus. I am still learning how...

October 27, 2010  3:16 PM

Need a tool to do Exchange to Domino Migration Tool STAT!

Posted by: David Vasta
Bye-Bye Exhange, Exchange to Domino, Lotus Rocks, Migration

I found a pretty cool tool earlier this year and can't find it now. I need an easy to use tool that can move mail and contacts from EXCHANGE/OUTLOOK to DOMINO/NOTES and makes is oh so easy. Thanks in advance Lotus People! If you don't want to post on here email me: david dot vasta at gmail...

October 27, 2010  9:55 AM

Scot Petersen – His view of Ray Ozzie leaving “Old Whats its name”

Posted by: David Vasta
ITKE, Microsoft, Ray Ozzie, Scot Petersen

Scot Petersen is a blogger on ITKE as well. He has posted this thoughts on Ray Ozzie leaving Microsoft and I thought them to be interesting enough to share here. Thanks Scot!

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October 27, 2010  9:52 AM

Blackberry Playbook – you got the name all wrong!

Posted by: David Vasta
Blackberry, Pad, Playbook, RIM, Tablet PC

So in my post yeaterday I shared with you the new RIM Playbook and then when Chris posted his comments it got me to thinking. They named it all wrong. Why would the CIO who has...

October 26, 2010  7:40 PM

Android Tablet for $99 @ Wallgreens

Posted by: David Vasta
Android, Google, Tablet, Wallgreens

I found that Wallgreens will be selling a $99 7" Android Tablet. SOLD! LINK:: http://www.walgreens.com/store/c/maylong-7-inch-m-150-wifi-middie-tablet/ID=prod6047418-product I think I might have to get one and give it a little test for $99 each....that is a good deal!

October 26, 2010  12:33 PM


Posted by: David Vasta
Blackberry, RIM, Tablet

Just looking at RIMs site and noticed a nice pretty tablet from RIM. LINK:: http://na.blackberry.com/eng/playbook-tablet/ It looks cool and I want one to play with.

October 26, 2010  10:45 AM

Work Smarter in Windows – With Lotus Notes!

Posted by: David Vasta
David Allen, Lotus Notes

It's like I wrote it myself. David Allen points out that he uses Lotus Notes to make Windows a better place. Thank you Mr. Allen, thank you!

LINK :: 

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