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August 15, 2012  1:17 AM

VMWare Malware Lab

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
virtual, virtualbox, vm, vmware

I am not going to cover the basic setup of a VMWare based lab, really you can use what ever you want as long as you can attempt to keep it isolated from the system. I use VMWare for a couple reasons, mainly for the ability for me to take vm's from fustion, workstation, ESXi and move them back...

March 18, 2010  9:57 PM

System Virtualization

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
virtualbox, vm

For the last few years I have been using VirtualBox for running my vm's. I prefer applications that will run on any of the operating systems that I use, and the more consistent the UI the better. VirtualBox will run on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD ( not sure about any other UNIX ) and OS-X. It is...


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