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SQL injection


March 29, 2011  9:50 PM

Blind SQL Injection on

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
blind sql injection, mysql hack, SQL injection

Weekend break-in at, there is a posting on the full disclosure mailing list here; The posting includes the structure of the db also usernames and password hashes.  I don't see any postings from acknowledging the...

August 16, 2010  5:02 PM

The SQL CAST statement..

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
sql, sql cast, SQL injection I have played with this before, the most effective method I found of blocking these was looking for the CAST statement itself. The statement at least from the ones that I was playing with all had a "CAST", "SET", "VARCHAR", and "EXEC".  I found...

July 8, 2010  11:50 AM

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
SQL injection,

There appears to have been more then a few SQL injection vulnerabilities on, The group responsible says that none of the information gained was sold or disseminated.  Still if you had an account there I...


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