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March 26, 2011  11:14 PM

3FN Shutdown

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
3fn, crime, links

You could call it a shutdown or you can call it progress. You can't say that there are not groups working to stop this kind of thing, but you can say they don't move very fast.  Not it's not a good thing, it's just that these groups move so quickly changing...

March 8, 2011  10:15 AM

iPhone / iPad B and E

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
ipad, iPhone, links

How to get in to "your" iPhone or iPad when you have lost your passcode. Way way to easy.

March 7, 2011  3:14 PM

Kill Bill, well just IE6 really.

Posted by: Dan O'Connor

MS is still begging people to leave IE6, this site is kinda cool.

February 27, 2011  9:41 PM

Geneva Convention for CyberSpace

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
links Very interesting, this is going to be a difficult task to say the least. I don't want to re-write the link, but there are more then a few important...

February 27, 2011  2:28 AM

Stuxnet success?

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
links, Stuxnet

Seems to me that it worked better then previously reported.

February 27, 2011  1:11 AM

Another good Ars story

Posted by: Dan O'Connor

A little more information on the HBGary stuff,

February 27, 2011  12:57 AM

ISC.SANS.EDU HBGary breakdown

Posted by: Dan O'Connor

Well done, why re-invent the wheel?

February 16, 2011  4:15 PM

Info regarding the HBGary hack

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
links Not as exciting as I hoped, pretty standard stuff. SQL Injections Bad Passwords / Hashing Social Engineering Ta-Da!

February 16, 2011  12:46 PM

More HBGary information and Stuxnet

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
links, Stuxnet, stuxnet source code

Here is some information regarding ties HBGary had to Stuxnet, But the best part is, HBGary had access to the worm it self and you can get it here. I have not had a chance to...

February 16, 2011  11:59 AM

The Wikileaks Side Show

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
links, wikileaks

If you have not been following the fun with HBGary and Anonymous you are missing a real show. Some of the strategies...

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