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May 17, 2011  10:53 PM


Posted by: Dan O'Connor

It's really nice to have someone that is truly honest. That quote from the FBI agent will stay with me for a long time. This will be interesting to follow, I really think that information should be like this.  I can see how a...

May 17, 2011  10:43 PM

Canada the next big cyber threat?

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
links Interesting report, I am surprised at the rank Canada reach.  More, where the heck is China??

May 15, 2011  10:02 PM

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
games,, links

I was not able to play for too long but I was able to get through the first 5 levels of the realistic, a couple application and 4 levels of the extbasic. Lots of fun, the application missions are good.  The realistic ones are starting to get a little more tough, I just wish there was a dns name...

May 14, 2011  11:40 PM

Some fun

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
games, hacking games, links

Fun hacking game site, I have done a few of these before and this one is pretty good.  Not as much fun as going at a full real box, but fun still. I have been working my way through...

April 26, 2011  9:36 PM

Bruce Schneier @ TEDx

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
Bruce Schneier, links, tedx

He always has something good to say.

March 30, 2011  10:15 PM

Finding FastFlux Botnet

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
botnet, fastflux, links

Very cool way of locating fastflux botnets. I'm still reading it, but it's very interesting.

March 28, 2011  1:03 PM

Facebook wow

Posted by: Dan O'Connor

When I see an article about a facebook page being vandalized I always need to read it. This time I wish I did not, what a Jerk! It's good to see him going to jail for it at least.

March 28, 2011  12:57 PM

A little more RSA breach info

Posted by: Dan O'Connor

It's just a little more, there is still nothing published that I can find about what was taken but this has some more background information and interesting commentary.

March 27, 2011  12:15 AM

Routing changes

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
china, links, routing

Not that changes in routes don't happen frequently but when routes bounce between continents you would like think that might raise a flag with someone that is monitoring that. Either Chinanet has the worst Cisco / networking guy ever or...

March 26, 2011  11:47 PM

Very cool command and control

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
botnet, command and control, links

I do find command and control structures of botnets very interesting, I do find the creativity of them incredible. This is one I have not seen before, using custom encryption and using message board comments as a means of communication. ...

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