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September 16, 2012  8:55 PM

More Games / Exercises

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
hacking challenges, hacking games

These are very well done, I like the idea of doing it through a VM and not a web based environment. I am currently trying to buff up on my PHP and SQL attacks for something coming up,...

August 23, 2012  12:14 AM

New CTF Game

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
games, hacking, hacking challenges, hacking ctf games, hacking games

Hurry you have one week from today, so next Wednesday the 29th. I'll let you all know how I do!

December 12, 2011  12:46 AM

Can you crack it (Part 1)

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
canyouhackit solution, hacking games

I am going to work on... I think I know what I am looking for right off the start, I just don't have anything prepared to work on it with right now (Skyrim). What I can say is the first few bits of hex will get...

May 14, 2011  11:40 PM

Some fun

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
games, hacking games, links

Fun hacking game site, I have done a few of these before and this one is pretty good.  Not as much fun as going at a full real box, but fun still. I have been working my way through...


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