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casper perl


August 27, 2010  8:33 AM

Casper RFI crack bot – Part 6

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
casper bot perl, casper perl, casper rfi bot, perl bot, www bot

We can do something fun with this,

$defacer     = "def.txt";
less def.txt
<title>-- Hacked bY XXXXXXXX --</title>
Off to Google we go, this won't give an exact number, but we are going to be able to get a count of the number of web servers this guy...

August 22, 2010  9:44 PM

Casper RFI crack bot – Part 5

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
casper perl, casper rfi bot,

Some of the sh.txt script seems to be pretty old, calling milw0rm and darkc0de, both sites are no longer up and have not been for a while. There is also a few things worth looking in to here, the script mentions fx29shell.php.  Which is a php shell that can be loaded onto the system. I can...


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