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October, 2012

October 30, 2012  9:35 PM

October wrap up

Posted by: Dan O'Connor

Cisco cutting ties with Chinese telecom ZTE after allegation surface about ZTE selling banned equipment to Iran. I have not seen an update to this since the 10th of the month, but for the FBI to be involved I would assume that there is merit to the claim.

October 30, 2012  9:26 PM

Natas 0-4

Posted by: Dan O'Connor

Natas0, easy and a logical start to what we are doing. Check out the source of the page. Natas1, easy right click has been disabled. Find the keyboard shortcut for your browser to view source. Natas2, a little harder. The answer is not directly on the page but viewing the source code gives...

October 30, 2012  7:18 PM

More hacking games

Posted by: Dan O'Connor

A nice so far basic site teaching web stuff. If you know how to view page sources, keyboard shortcuts and some web search engine basics you should be in level 5 in no time. ...

October 30, 2012  7:06 PM

Gone in sixty seconds..

Posted by: Dan O'Connor

No really, The idea is clever to...

October 29, 2012  5:20 PM Application Level 7 – Part 5

Posted by: Dan O'Connor

To automate the interaction with the app7win.exe I used something called Expect. I have used Expect before for Perl on *nix systems but I have never had the need to do it to a Windows machines. It took a bit of research but I turned up a solution. First;

October 29, 2012  2:44 AM Application Level 7 – Part 4

Posted by: Dan O'Connor

Just as I was checking my brute force script before stopping for the night I had a collision on the "correct" value entered and I have the answer. I used ActiveTCL and ActivePerl to do the dirty work, I will create a little how I did it soon. I was pretty dirty but I know perl very well and just...

October 29, 2012  2:07 AM Application Level 7 – Part 3

Posted by: Dan O'Connor

I have not had too much time to work on this but I have run through the execution a few times and I have discovered a possible way to solve it. 1) It does not seem to have a point where the password I want will be in plain text sitting in memory. I was kinda expecting this but there was always...

October 28, 2012  12:25 AM Application Level 7 – Part 2

Posted by: Dan O'Connor

After a lot of stepping through program execution I have finally reached the section where it's getting ready to open the encrypted.enc file. If what I am thinking is correct, I should be able to let the application decrypt the contents of the file while I am stepping though and then I can...

October 23, 2012  9:20 PM Application Level 7

Posted by: Dan O'Connor

Level 7 is significantly different from the previous levels that we were able to breeze right through. It is the same when launched but it uses an additional file included with the exe, encrypred.enc. The previous methods we have been using were not successful on this sample. I am currently...

October 19, 2012  1:18 AM Application Level 6

Posted by: Dan O'Connor

Level 6 is very similar to level 5, if you were able to locate the password in 5, you can find it in 6. I just stumbled on it, as I was stepping through the execution and I did not even stop to write down the step where I got it. As you are stepping through watch the memory pane for strings, it...

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