Irregular Expressions:

July, 2012

July 21, 2012  1:28 AM

Side Quest — Part 3

Posted by: Dan O'Connor

If you are following at home you should have a comma delimited dataset from that last part of the script we ran. It should be around 110k so it is much bigger then the last two. This will be a little more complicated then the last few steps as well, here is the first for...

July 21, 2012  1:14 AM

Side Quest — Part 2

Posted by: Dan O'Connor

The best way to decode the contents of "n" is to let the script do it for us. The script already has everything we need to do it, so running something like rhino on the command line should give you everything you need.  Be sure to read the man pages and documentation before you go in to this...

July 20, 2012  12:43 AM

Side tracked…

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
java, java script

I got a funny email today that I started digging in to, so I thought I would share as I have been working on little else since. It came in as a notice from facebook that someone has posted a picture of me.. Yay! That so exciting, it was caught by the spam filter so it means it must be a...

July 17, 2012  10:30 PM

The Return Of Zeus

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
zeus, zeus analysis, zeus botnet, zeus download, zeus source code, zeus walkthrough

I am finally ready to continue my analysis of the zeus sample I have.  I am just getting a couple of machines ready to continue. From this point in I want to continue the behavioral analysis with Capture-BAT on the client and some other honeynet projects on a Linux machine to emulate...

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