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May, 2012

May 22, 2012  11:13 PM

Anon releases information from the United States Bureau of Justice

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
anonymous hack, anonymous release

Title has it all, I am not going to be downloading that, but many are reporting that it's stuck and has not fished. Others are having problems opening the completed file. Also many are reporting that this...

May 21, 2012  10:58 PM

Social-Engineer Toolkit release

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
set release, social engineering toolkit Yay for toys. Direct to download instructions and you will...

May 21, 2012  10:47 PM

Facebook IPO

Posted by: Dan O'Connor

As a hobby I track the stock markets, I really have no idea what I am doing but I still like to follow things and try to guess if its a good investment or not. Really I did not think Facebook's IPO was going to hold for the first few days, I still think it may come back up in a week or so.  But...

May 17, 2012  8:29 PM

Firewall Firestorm

Posted by: Dan O'Connor

Something like this is a good way to get a reaction out of people. Why you don't need a firewall. This idea does not float. I don't...

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