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January, 2012

January 30, 2012  12:24 PM

FreeBSD 9 release

Posted by: Dan O'Connor

FreeBSD has released production version 9, Some of the highlights;

  • High performance SSH
  • PowerPC Playstation 3 support
  • ZFS version 28

January 29, 2012  1:13 AM

This made my day

Posted by: Dan O'Connor Very simple concept, and it does not surprise me that people are using this and banks are seeing a loss on it.  If you work for...

January 29, 2012  1:05 AM

By-passing Linux based screen locks

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
xorg screen saver bypass, xorg screensaver

This gives the warm and fuzy's. The chain is pretty good, the point where the bug was introduced is identified.  From what I can tell this was an optional feature added in the past and recently...

January 29, 2012  12:56 AM

How private is the private mode?

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
browser forensics, browser privacy

My next project is going to be comparing a set of five to six different browsers that provide a privacy mode and to see what kind of forensic residue is left behind by each.  Also, don't worry about the challenge that we were working on last month I will get back to it, I just have been...

January 27, 2012  12:55 AM

Should you be forced to decrypt your device?

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
encryption us law, key safe lock, message encryption us law, message key safe lock

That's a huge question.  I am not a legal expert, and law is not a science either. What I mean by that is you can ask ten courts the same question and get nine same answers but there is always the chance of that one that interprets it differently.

January 26, 2012  4:44 PM

Statistical analysis of elections

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
election fraud, elections

And the cool thing of the day award goes to, Not really IT related, and more then a little out of my element.

January 26, 2012  4:33 PM

Hash Identifier

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
hash-identifier, hashing

This is handy for any CTF games you may find your self in. It might cut out a bunch of work for you.

January 26, 2012  4:32 PM

Password analysis

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
password analysis

Just stumbled on this, Interesting, I have found many times that these dumps will dump vary extremely by what site it's taken from the context.

January 25, 2012  12:40 AM

News news news

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
botnet, megaupload, security news

Found a few things going on that got me fired up. Megaupload head cheese has been denied bail, they assert that he is a flight risk. I am totally on the fence on this one, I have seen...

January 25, 2012  12:34 AM

Tor Write Up, Kinda

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
tin foil, tor

What starts out as a Tor guide quickly goes technical with a wiff a tin foil. ( Not that I am discounting anything they are saying, none of it is...

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