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September, 2011

September 29, 2011  8:36 PM

Canadian data breach notification

Posted by: Dan O'Connor

It's about time something was in place like this. A few of the points are pretty good, I found some of the points of when and where it will be notified. Like it's always done it's based on the U.S...

September 27, 2011  9:29 PM


Posted by: Dan O'Connor

My next cert I will be tackling is COBIT. COBIT is a IT governance framework it can help with procedures, aligning IT activities and controls to business risk. The best part is you can get it all for free! The exam is not...

September 27, 2011  9:23 PM

MySQL malware

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
mysql malware,

If you had not heard was serving up malware today.  A nice person has also gone through the trouble of doing all of the research for us. There is a few IP's in there that you will want to check your logs...

September 25, 2011  9:04 PM

Why I don’t like paying for games

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
poker fraud

I can't say I am surprised by this, you give a company money and if fly's right back out the door in to someones pocket.

September 25, 2011  8:47 PM

Proxy Services

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
anonmyous, hidemyass, lulzec, lulzsec arrest

I have been reading reports of a proxy service being used by one of the latest lulzec members to be arrested.  It appears that the proxy service cooperated during the investigation. There is a posting on the services...

September 25, 2011  8:25 PM

Facebook legal notes

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
facebook legal issues, facebook legal questions, facebook messages

Found a little intresting note regarding the messages and posts you make on facebook. You cannot delete a post, the delete button will only hide the message.  The contents of the message is store and can be accessed by law...

September 25, 2011  8:08 PM

Sabu’s twitter account

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
anonmyous, lulzsec, twitter, wall street anonmyous

Is back up and flowing, after about a month of silence the anonmoyuSabu twitter account is alive again.  A lot of the posts are mostly about the presents in Wall Street.  There is talk about operations on going but I did not find anything specific.  I have not seen anything mentioning if this is...

September 24, 2011  12:26 AM

You think they would be running out of people to arrest

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
anonmyous arrests, lulzsec arrests A few more people have been picked up on Thursday connected to lulzsec and Anon.  The article raises a good point about the...

September 23, 2011  9:32 PM

Last BEAST Post

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
beast tls, beast tls exploit, tls exploit

Best one I have found yet, I won't even waste time trying to paraphrase it. Just give it a read.

September 22, 2011  8:34 PM

Payroll hackers

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
identity theift, payroll hacking, wireless hacking

This case a few good items from a incident handling side and a few more bad things. This group used physical break and enters along with wireless penetration to get in to company's to mess with the payroll.  Once in the system they stole identities, setup more back accounts with the employee's...

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