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August, 2011

August 30, 2011  8:38 AM

New project, BayFiles

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
file shareing, p2p alternatives, the piratebay

The guys that created PirateBay are in the midst of creating a new site called BayFiles.  It appears the site will operate like Megaupload and Rapidshare allowing users to upload content from the browser.  It has a cost model that limits the free users to 250 MB, the also controls the amount of...

August 29, 2011  8:28 PM

The Red Cyber Army

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
chinese cyber army, cyber army, cyberwar

There is a lot of speculation on that China has been a hot bed for cyber attacks against various targets around the world. Apparently there is a "smoking gun" floating around that proves this program.

August 29, 2011  8:22 PM

RDP Worm

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
Morto, Morto.Gen!A, rdp worm, windows worm

I was toying with something like this a while ago, I was playing with the idea of being able to do this from a *nix box for VA purposes (With out the gui part, I just wanted a yes or no back).

August 25, 2011  9:06 PM

A few more lulz

Posted by: Dan O'Connor

Wikipedia as a good section on the current suspected members of LulzSec that have been picked up. There is a few in there that I have not posted about,...

August 25, 2011  8:54 PM

Software Vulnerability Management at Microsoft

Posted by: Dan O'Connor Nice read.

August 25, 2011  8:53 PM

Steal of a deal

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
atm pin pad, flir atm, flir camera, flir pin pad For as little as 1,600 USD you too can do this.

August 25, 2011  8:34 PM


Posted by: Dan O'Connor
ext2, ext3, ext4, FAT, filesystems

The latest version of the EXT file system is 4.  The other previous version are 2 and 3, some of the improvements of 3 are improved indexing for larger directories and journaling. EXT4 add more features;

  • Volumes up to 1 exbibyte (EiB).
  • Files up to 16 tebibytes...

August 23, 2011  9:41 PM

SANS Mentoring

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
gcih, sans, sec504, winnipeg

This is exciting, I will be leading a SANS mentor session in Winnipeg. The sessions will run from January 26th, 2012 until March 29th, 2012. This is Security 504, Hacker Techniques and Incident Handling.  This material is excellent and is...

August 23, 2011  9:31 PM

The hunt for lulzsec

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
anonymous raids, lulzsecurity, tflow, topiary, viral

Lulzsec Exposed is still on the hunt for Sabu. We now have to competing ideas on who he is. One is a guy from New York, the other is from Portugal. Not that I am downing any of the theories but I am still on the fence on who is right...

August 23, 2011  9:12 PM

The EXT file system – Part 3

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
block bitmap, ext explanation, group descriptor tables, inode bitmap, super block

We also have to deal with the block pointers in the inodes.  Each inode can store the address of 12 blocks to store the data.  So what happens when you need more then 12 blocks to store the data? You use indirect block pointers, instead of pointing at blocks of data.  You point at blocks that...

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