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April, 2011

April 26, 2011  9:36 PM

Bruce Schneier @ TEDx

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
Bruce Schneier, links, tedx

He always has something good to say.

April 26, 2011  9:33 PM

New Iranian Virus

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
iran, STARS, Stuxnet There is not much information listed but it's starting to appear like a concentrated cyber effort against Iran.  This time it's a espionage incident.  If I was in that situation, after...

April 26, 2011  9:19 PM

PSN oh no’s

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
playstation network, playstation network hack, psn, psn dataleak, psn hack

The pain just does not end for Sony.  After almost a week on PSN outage, they released today that creditcard and user information has been taken.

April 24, 2011  11:55 PM

A life lesson you do not want to learn first hand

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
wireless internet, wireless password, wireless security I have been asked before and...

April 24, 2011  11:46 PM

Not keeping with the times

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
canada votes, canada votes social media, elections canada

Canada is fast approaching an  election, being across so many time zones can create issues.  The main one that has come up before is that media organizations are not allowed to report results in a local until the polls have closed.

April 24, 2011  11:37 PM

Where have you been?

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
apple, blackberry, iPhone, RIM, smart phone tracking Some days I want to get an iPhone, others I do not. I have to admit my smart phone is something I spend little time poking at, I guess it never really interested me.  This kind of...

April 24, 2011  11:30 PM

Data Breach Report

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
data breach report, verizon business, verizonbusiness data breach report

That time of year again, good reading as always.

April 13, 2011  8:25 PM

Gucci network attack

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
Gucci hack While able to damage the network, he was not able to cover his tracks effectively so he was not identified.  I find in cases like this that the...

April 13, 2011  8:18 PM


Posted by: Dan O'Connor
keylogger, server keylogger

Keyloggers are bad thing to have on any machine, it can be really bad on a server.

April 13, 2011  8:10 PM

Law Makers Want Piracy Sites Filtered

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
google filtering, piracy google filter, search engine filtering While the idea looks appealing, this leave a big door...

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