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January, 2011

January 31, 2011  3:15 PM

Building a snort sensor – part 2

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
configure snort, ids, snort

Now with Snort installed we need to do configuration and get some rules. cd /usr/local/etc/snort/ Make sure to setup your HOME_NET and configure any additional paths for your rule sets. Go to and create an account, then get an oinkcode.  Now you can use the command like to...

January 31, 2011  11:23 AM

P2P Network Research

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
file sharing, p2p

I can't say that this is shocking, I always though it would be a smaller number then 200. There is always that small group of people that know what they are doing and are the...

January 31, 2011  2:09 AM

More PS3 hack news

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
play station 3 hacks, playstation 3, playstation 3 hacks, ps3, ps3 hacks Wow I did not think this would happen, the State of California is going after someone in New Jersey. It looks like that will be challenged, also Sony is going to get his machines handed...

January 30, 2011  11:02 PM

Building a snort sensor – part 1

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
ids, snort

I have already covered Suricata in my previous posts, but sometimes you just need to have snort setup for various reasons. First go get freebsd , then use the FreeBSD handbook (if you need to) and create a basic installation.  I...

January 30, 2011  10:56 PM

Teredo tunnels

Posted by: Dan O'Connor

If you have run a snort style sensor you may have seen a snort alert referring to a "teredo tunnel" being detected. So what is a "teredo tunnel" ? It is a method to connect IPv6 enabled devices over IPv4 networks, this can even cross multiple NAT points. This is done by putting the IPv6...

January 30, 2011  12:05 AM

Getting closer to IPv6 time

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
ipv4, ipv6

With all of the news of IPv4 running out of address space ( ) it might be time to start brushing up on your IPv6.  Not that I would be worried about getting any more IPv4 addresses anytime...

January 27, 2011  11:26 PM

More arrested in connection with Anonymous

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
anonymous, wikileaks

This is on top of the two Dutch men arrested several weeks ago. They are being charged using the "Computer Misuse Act" (UK), the act was originally put in place in 1990, and it looks like they are using amendment 36:

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January 27, 2011  3:13 PM

Lessons learned on conflicker

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
links Well worth reading.

January 27, 2011  3:10 PM


Posted by: Dan O'Connor
biostorage Very cool, researchers have been able to piggy back data on to DNA for storage, and not just bits of text. This could be video, images, music etc. The article says that there is a 3 tiered protection system and one of the...

January 25, 2011  11:40 PM

The state of the web in Winter 2010

Posted by: Dan O'Connor

The Oatmeal is great. While funny, some of you may find this offensive, but it does have neat stats in it.

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