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May, 2010

May 31, 2010  2:03 PM

iPad JailBreaking

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
ipad, ipad jailbreak

There is a app for that. There is a untethered jailbreak application for the iPad, it's called spirit and you can get it here. It's a simple process, download it.  Open it with iTunes open, make sure it detects it, then close iTunes. Then click the...

May 29, 2010  11:17 PM

More Biba

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
biba, Cissp

Here is a little more information regarding the biba integrity model, wikipeda has a basic explanation about it. I prefer the CISSP cbk, It has a good write up of it and other models. If you can borrow that book or pickup your own it's worth...

May 29, 2010  11:06 PM

VMWare hardening guide

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
vmware, Vmware hardening

I found this after doing my last ESXi install and I thought it would be worth sharing, it's always handing to have a document to follow. Enjoy.

May 21, 2010  1:06 PM

Happy B-Day PacMan

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
bit, byte, pacman, rollover

Tomorrow PacMan will be 30 years young and still played. If you have seen google today you will be able to play a version in the graphic! One of the things I found most interesting is the level 256 bug in the pacman game.  The level you are playing is stored in a single byte ( 1 byte = 8...

May 21, 2010  12:51 PM

Biba explained – Part 5

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
biba, FreeBSD biba

This is where things can get confusing, learning how labels and the levels work was pretty easy.  The compartments work differently, here is an example.

process1        biba/50:5+6+7
process2        biba/50:5+6
process3        biba/50
Here we have three processes, all level...

May 21, 2010  12:37 PM

Biba explained – Part 4

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
biba, FreeBSD biba

In the last section we left off on compartments and labels.  I think we have explained what and how the label works with the files and processes in a system, compartments have a good chance at making your head hurt. Here is an example label with a compartment.

process    ...

May 21, 2010  12:26 PM

Biba explained – Part 3

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
biba, FreeBSD biba

Now we can put some context around biba running on a FreeBSD system and some things you could do with it. There is 65,535 levels that can be assigned to a process or file, with 3 special levels. low - It is lower than any other process. equal - It is equal it any other process, it's almost...

May 21, 2010  11:05 AM

Biba explained – Part 2

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
biba integrity

In a Integrity setting the model would play out like this. The General can only see his Top Secret document, the other two are not visible to him.  Why? The General has high integrity, the documents rated below him have a lower integrity so the information contained in them cannot be...

May 21, 2010  9:58 AM

Biba explained – Part 1

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
biba model

A quick explanation of biba should be done before we continue just so you can know what is going on.  What is biba?  biba is a data integrity model. A quick way to explain this is with a data confidentiality model and a simple military example.  If you have 3 people, one is a general, one is...

May 21, 2010  9:46 AM

Building a FreeBSD MAC Kernel – Part 2

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
biba, freebsd, freebsd kernel mac, kernel freebsd, mac biba

Once the sync is completed go to /usr/src

cd /usr/src/
There is a sys/ dir in under src/ in sys/ there is a listing of possible architectures you can build a kernel for, inside the one you select there is a conf/ dir. If you do a 'ls' in the conf/ dir you will see the possible...

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