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March, 2010

March 4, 2010  8:38 PM

Installing Suricata on FreeBSD – Part 6

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
suricata freebsd

Once the configuration of php + apache is completed you should be able to get the first setup screen of BASE up. Follow along with the setup, once you get to the database section you will need to get some sql schema from the snort installation tarball. The needed file is called ( I used...

March 3, 2010  8:36 PM

Installing Suricata on FreeBSD – Part 5

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
suricata freebsd, suricata install, suricata install freebsd

Once the install of BASE is completed you also need to install apache or some other web server. [code]cd /usr/ports/www/apache22/ make install clean [/code] Once installed you will need to allow apache to start. [code] vi /etc/rc.conf apache22_enable="YES" [/code] There is also some...

March 2, 2010  10:45 AM

Installing Suricata on FreeBSD – Part 4

Posted by: Dan O'Connor
base freebsd, suricata freebsd, suricata install freebsd, unified2 freebsd

Now that we have something to control Suricata make sure to set the configuration variables for Suricata. Ensure your HOME_NET is correct or your results are not going to be so great. [code] # Holds the address group vars that would be passed in a Signature. # These would be retrieved...

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