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March 15, 2012  2:46 PM

Changing the way we look at the ‘wireless world’

Posted by: Michael Tidmarsh
M2M, wireless

Recently I spoke with John Horn, president of RACO Wireless, about the past, present and future of wireless connectivity. RACO, a T-Mobile partner, specializes in wireless data solutions for machine-to-machine (M2M) industries, which allows wireless systems to connect with other devices.  John...

March 14, 2012  9:18 AM

Fear and Loathing in Tech Innovation

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Innovation, IT, wireless

One story in particular drifting out of South By Southwest caught my attention: The outrage and indignity over a trial/marketing stunt program which gave Austin-area homeless individuals a 4G "hotspot" that nearby techies could log in to and browse the web, while introducing the wireless vendor and...

November 17, 2011  9:28 AM

When ‘Do No Harm’ means death

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Innovation, wireless

A recent Wall Street Journal point/counterpoint by Barbara Cochran on redistributing the wireless spectrum caught my eye with these catchy lines (emphasis mine):

'First, do...

March 16, 2010  8:51 AM

Windows Mobile 7: What is it good for?

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Mobile Computing in 2010, Mobility, wireless

More and more Windows Mobile...

March 11, 2010  1:42 AM

Checking back with 2006′s largest “all-wireless” office.

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Aruba, wireless, Wireless Networking

Editor's Note: Below is the e-mail exchange between me and  Toyoshi Matsumoto of Osaka Gas Co., which was hailed almost four years ago as the largest...

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March 8, 2010  10:28 AM

Guide to Enterprise Mobile Communications and Productivity

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Mobile Computing, Mobile Computing in 2010, wireless

This month, IT Knowledge Exchange is...

March 3, 2010  11:11 AM

Don’t cut the cord yet: The truly wireless office is years away

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Mobile Computing in 2010, Networking, wireless

I recently wrote about the paperless office and the post-e-mail era, two arguably worthwhile goals that share the fact that they're nowhere close to reality except in a few small...

October 21, 2009  12:39 PM

What evil could make AT&T and Verizon join forces at SuperComm?

Posted by: Michael Morisy
AT&T, net neutrality, Party crashing, SuperComm, Verizon, wireless

Moments after landing in Chicago for SuperComm 2009 and making my way to the McCormick Place, I was invited (with glossy print invitation, no less) to join in a "lunch conversation" with Jim Cicconi, senior executive vice president of external and legislative affairs for AT&T, and Tom Tauke,...


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