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September 2, 2011  11:05 AM

Introducing VMware’s Octopus, with tentacles poised at Dropbox and Sharepoint

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Sharepoint, VMWare, VMWorld 2011

Throughout VMworld I was asked again and again, "What's the most exciting thing you've seen?". And while there were a lot of great...

August 30, 2011  5:22 PM

Like Superman/Clark Kent for your phone: VMware’s Mobile Virtualization Platform (MVP)

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Android, virtualization, VMWare, VMWorld 2011

I had a chance to sit down with Srinivas Krishnamurti, VMware's senior director of mobile products, and check out the Mobile Virtualization Platform (MVP). MVP is an interesting concept that blends both personal and professional phone usage by actually installing a separate virtual instance of...

August 30, 2011  3:44 PM

Microsoft wedges its way into VMworld 2011 with anti-VMware video

Posted by: MelanieYarbrough
Cloud computing, Microsoft, virtualization, VMWare, VMWorld 2011

Not to be left out, Microsoft has asserted its opinion on host of this week's big conference in Las Vegas, VMworld 2011, by way of a Youtube video touting its private cloud services. The...

August 30, 2011  12:27 PM

Far from VMWorld, virtualization contender Red Hat starts lobbing stones

Posted by: Michael Morisy
KVM, Red Hat, virtualization, VMWare, VMWorld 2011

How do you know you're successful? You start finding more enemies. A

August 29, 2011  11:30 AM

VMworld, come hell or high water

Posted by: Michael Morisy
VMWare, VMWorld 2011

This year's attendees might be facing a little of both as they make their way to VMware's annual conference: Even as...

August 22, 2011  1:34 PM

Read up on virtualization: Titles for your plane ride to VMworld 2011

Posted by: MelanieYarbrough
Desktop Virtualization, Server Virtualization, VMWare, VMWorld 2011

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May 12, 2011  2:54 PM

Following the road from virtualization to private cloud bliss

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Interop, Interop 2011, Interop Las Vegas 2011, virtualization, VMWare

Looking for the heart to proceed with your stumbling virtualization plans? The brains to figure out how to deal with...

April 20, 2011  1:02 PM

Walking on a cloud: EMC reports better-than-expected earnings

Posted by: MelanieYarbrough
Data Storage, Server Virtualization, Storage Virtualization, VMWare


April 14, 2011  1:37 PM

Storage Virtualization: The Multimedia Guide

Posted by: MelanieYarbrough
Desktop Virtualization, IT Blogs, IT Books, Server Virtualization, Storage Virtualization, VMWare

Storage virtualization is still a pretty new technology, considering virtualization is still being worked and figured out in enterprise IT departments. Whether you want to diminish the amount of hardware or maximize your experience with server or desktop virtualization, storage virtualization may...

April 5, 2011  5:00 AM

Is storage catching up to virtualization at Tintri?

Posted by: MelanieYarbrough
Storage, Storage Virtualization, VMWare

Despite growing knowledge and interest in server virtualization,

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