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October 13, 2010  8:23 AM

A flaw in the cloud is still a flaw: How do your SaaS apps stand up?

Posted by: Kevin Beaver
Cloud computing, Cloud Computing in 2010, Kevin Beaver

Call me a cynic, but I'm still skeptical when it comes to these SaaS "solutions" that are nothing more than a traditional Web application with a pretty front-end. You see, with traditional systems come traditional vulnerabilities - namely

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October 11, 2010  8:21 AM

Cloudy about cloud terminology? We can help.

Posted by: MelanieYarbrough
Cloud Computing in 2010, SaaS

According to a 2009 study done by IBM of over 1,000 IT decision...

October 7, 2010  8:52 AM

The S/M/L of Software-as-a-Service Adoption: Which companies embrace the cloud?

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Cloud Computing in 2010, Commercial Off-the-shelf Software, SaaS

Enterprise software-as-a-service seems to be garnering much of the press these days, but which companies are actually ditching the traditional out-of-the-box for, shall we say, out of the box thinking? Like with almost all things cloud, the numbers get fuzzy very quickly, but I like the sound of...

October 4, 2010  6:00 AM

James Urquhart helps us find the Cloud’s silver lining

Posted by: MelanieYarbrough
Cloud computing, Cloud Computing in 2010, Outsourcing, SaaS

The perennial search for innovation serves as the greatest...

July 26, 2010  9:33 AM

In era of cloudification, Windows 7 keeps bringing home the MicroBacon

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Cloud computing, Microsoft, Windows 7, Windows 7 in 2010

While there was plenty of buzz about Microsoft...

July 22, 2010  6:44 AM

Mark Collier, Rackspace VP on OpenStack: It actually is rocket science

Posted by: MelanieYarbrough
Cloud computing, NASA, OpenStack

Rackspace launched their open-source cloud project this past...

June 29, 2010  8:20 AM

Microsoft storms Google off the beaches of Normandy

Posted by: MelanieYarbrough
Cloud computing, Education, Google, Microsoft, Windows 7 in 2010

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June 24, 2010  2:18 PM

No Time, No Budget, and No People? No Problem! (Part 2)

Posted by: Guest Author
API, Blockbuster, Cloud computing, Guest Post, IT Business alignment, Keith Morrow

We've got the second installment of Keith Morrow's three part series, No Time, No Budget, and No People? No Problem! Straight from former...

June 21, 2010  6:22 AM

Beware the cloud marketing machine

Posted by: Kevin Beaver
Cloud computing, Storage in 2010, storage security

I saw this chat regarding storage, the cloud, and data protection and it reminded me of how nauseated I get when I hear about all...

June 21, 2010  2:30 AM

USENIX ATC 2010: Microsoft Research On Cloud Nine

Posted by: MelanieYarbrough
Cloud computing, IT Conferences, Microsoft, Storage in 2010

It's another big...

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