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March 10, 2011  6:09 AM

Groupon does IT, but can they make it catchy? (No.)

Posted by: Michael Morisy
B2B, Cloud computing, Groupon

Would you buy your IT help at the same place you snagged that great burrito deal? That's what Groupon was hoping in a recent (possibly record breaking) deal:

March 9, 2011  2:37 PM

Windows Thin PC: True benefit or more of the same?

Posted by: MelanieYarbrough
Tablets, virtualization, Windows 7, Windows Phone 7, Windows Tablets, Windows Thing Client

Has the solution to the "Windows 7: To VDI or not to VDI" dilemma finally arrived? Suddenly Microsoft's July extension of VDI use rights as part of their...

March 1, 2011  12:15 PM

Three cloud storage start-ups to reckon with

Posted by: MelanieYarbrough
Cloud Storage

Start-ups are raising venture capital everywhere we look. Here are some of the most promising of the start-ups providing storage as a service that are well on their way to being a force to reckon with. Scality The San Fransisco-based storage-as-a-service provider has raised...

February 27, 2011  10:59 PM

Protecting your virtual infrastructure with firewalls and IDS

Posted by: Guest Author
Cloud security, Server Virtualization

Think you can secure your virtual machines with the security you have in place? Today’s guest post comes from David Strom, and he warns you to think again. The protective technologies that are plentiful and commonplace in the physical world become few and far between when it comes to...

February 22, 2011  9:19 AM

Did iPhones make the desktop virtualization call easier?

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Desktop Virtualization, iPhone, mobile virtualization, RSA, RSA 2011, virtualization

I had the opportunity to sit down with MokaFive CTO and founder John Whaley while I was at RSA, and we caught up on the adoption of desktop virtualization, where the hypervisor belongs, and more. He was even so kind as to allow me to shoot some  video, though the cafe where we were meeting makes...

February 16, 2011  1:33 PM

Salesforce Head of Platform Research says to change your cloud tune

Posted by: MelanieYarbrough
Cloud computing, Cloud security, Salesforce

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February 15, 2011  11:20 AM

Backupify.com backs up the cloud in the cloud

Posted by: Guest Author
Cloud computing, Cloud security, Data backup and recovery

February 8, 2011  7:00 AM

Maybe the cloud is more secure

Posted by: Guest Author
Cloud computing, Cloud security

Is all the cloud concern justified? Today's guest post comes from David Strom, and he argues that while it isn't the cloud that's insecure, it might be your own cloud...

January 17, 2011  3:25 PM

Snowstorm Survival: A member guide

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Snowday, virtualization

We received a great response to our call to the community for advice on ensuring that a...

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December 7, 2010  4:34 PM

Juniper Networks acquires Altor, expands network security offerings

Posted by: MelanieYarbrough
Juniper Networks, Network security, virtualization

While most people fret about the hundreds of dollars now on their credit cards for the holiday season, Juniper has dropped $95M for Altor...

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