June 10, 2013  2:32 PM

TechTarget’s weekly roundup (6/3 – 6/10)

Posted by: Michael Tidmarsh
Cloud, Facebook, Storage, TechTarget


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May 1, 2013  2:34 PM

YouTube IT video of the week: Saturn Hurricane

Posted by: Chris Leonard
Storage, YouTube IT Video of the Week

NASA scientists have been tracking a massive hurricane on Saturn via the Cassini Satellite. The eye of the hurricane is some 1,250 miles wide, which is 20 times larger than hurricanes on Earth, and 4 times faster.  It’s fascinating to know that this video has traveled some 1.2 billion km for us...

March 12, 2013  11:18 AM

Top 10 Twitter users to follow on storage

Posted by: Michael Tidmarsh
EMC, Storage, Twitter

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August 17, 2012  7:46 AM

Great power, great responsibility: The week in IT quotes

Posted by: Ben Rubenstein
API, IT News, IT Quotes, Storage, Windows 8

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January 25, 2012  12:17 PM

After Megaupload, web storage services rush for legitimacy

Posted by: Michael Tidmarsh
Data backup and recovery, Megaupload, Storage

What will happen if SOPA passes through Congress? Is the FBI going to come after us? Should I shut down my whole system? If you run one of the various popular file hosting services, these might just be a few of the thoughts running through your head...

December 7, 2011  5:17 AM

Cloud, virtual and storage networking conversations: Don’t be scared, be prepared

Posted by: Guest Author
Guest Post, Storage

Today's guest post is from Greg Schulz, a storage virtuoso who has guest-blogged on ITKnowledgeExchange before. Now he's working to take the fear factor out of virtualization and - even more terrifying...

October 26, 2011  6:44 AM

This month in Storage: Makeups, breakups and a bold tomorrow

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Storage, Storage in 2011

This month, we took a look at the fast-evolving storage landscape here at ITKnowledgeExchange: It was a big month for acquisitions, announcements and - in at least one case - public breakups, all setting the ground for a 2012 full of interesting developments, particularly as SSD, Cloud Computing...

June 7, 2011  7:48 AM

From Dropbox to Apple’s iCloud: The Trend of Accessibility

Posted by: MelanieYarbrough
Cloud security, Cloud Storage, Security, Storage

It seems the latest trend of enterprise IT is to adopt whatever's hot in consumer tech, although usually because of necessity and security rather than by choice. The latest spinoff of the should-we/shouldn't-we debate over mobile gadgets is the question of online or

April 19, 2011  11:00 AM

Storage Virtualization in 140-characters or fewer

Posted by: MelanieYarbrough
Storage, Storage Virtualization, Twitter, virtualization

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