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July 2, 2010  1:59 PM

Book Recommendation: Securing Storage

Posted by: Kevin Beaver
Compliance, Kevin Beaver, Storage in 2010, storage security

While I'm on my storage security kick I thought it'd be worth sharing a valuable book on the topic by Himanshu...

June 30, 2010  11:29 AM

Finding those needles in your storage haystack

Posted by: Kevin Beaver
Kevin Beaver, Storage, Storage in 2010, storage security

Information is at rest most of the time. Therein lies the problem. Give malicious attackers, rogue insiders or just a few bored employees any decent amount of time on your network and they'll likely uncover sensitive information they shouldn't be able to access. So what's a network or...

June 21, 2010  6:22 AM

Beware the cloud marketing machine

Posted by: Kevin Beaver
Cloud computing, Storage in 2010, storage security

I saw this chat regarding storage, the cloud, and data protection and it reminded me of how nauseated I get when I hear about all...

June 17, 2010  12:22 PM

The ultimate solution for securing laptop storage?

Posted by: Kevin Beaver
laptop security, Security, Storage in 2010, storage security

In preparation for my session at the upcoming Gartner Security Conference, I've been reviewing

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June 15, 2010  6:01 AM

Storage Decisions 2010: Storage Insecurities Ride On

Posted by: Kevin Beaver
Security, Storage in 2010, storage security

As TechTarget's Storage Decisions conference wrapped up today, I was perusing the conference site and noticed something peculiar about the sessions. There are sessions on backup. There are sessions on...

June 9, 2010  7:00 AM

Moment of Truth: Storage and Business Risk

Posted by: Kevin Beaver
mobile security, Security, Storage in 2010, storage security

When you hear the word "storage," what typically comes to mind? Likely NAS, SANs, DAS, data centers and so on, right? Well, there's another component to storage that tends to get overlooked...at least in the context of oversight, security, and compliance. That is: mobile storage. From smartphones...

June 8, 2010  7:00 AM

Who needs storage security anyway?

Posted by: Kevin Beaver
Security, Storage in 2010, storage security

I'm in the middle of writing a whitepaper on data protection for CSOs, and it occurred to me just how often storage systems are overlooked in security testing. The typical security assessment involves servers, workstations, mobile devices, databases, Web applications, WiFi, and network...


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