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December 2, 2009  2:45 PM

They break it, you buy it

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Anti-virus, Warranty

What???  meh thinks it lookz better this wai..Foreclosure isn't easy for anyone involved,...

November 17, 2009  6:52 AM

Is no security better than bad security?

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Security, Verizon

A stunning 96% of security products up for certification...

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November 16, 2009  10:41 AM

The WSJ takes aim at your IT policies

Posted by: Michael Morisy
GMail, IT policies, Security, Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal gives an inside cover today to an old question: Why can't I pick the technology I use in the office? (Skip the paywall with Google) The Wall Street...

November 13, 2009  3:14 PM

Madoff’s programmers might soon join him

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Bernie Madoff, Fraud, Security

Working for the man might...

November 10, 2009  10:17 AM

Bernie Madoff’s unwitting accomplice: The AS/400

Posted by: Michael Morisy
AS/400, Bernie Madoff, Scam, Security

When an Investment Dealer's Digest article lumped some...

November 9, 2009  4:11 PM

Can your IT security take a page from Wikipedia?

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Bruce Schneier, Security, Wikipedia

Security guru Bruce Schneier recently noted some

November 5, 2009  9:12 AM

New SSL security hole allows man-in-the-middle attacks

Posted by: Michael Morisy
ICASI, Security, SSL

SSL Security Hole meeting A newly disclosed SSL security hole allows savvy attackers to inject data into supposedly...

October 30, 2009  12:12 PM

Time Warner’s SMC8014 security hole could make for a spooky Halloween

Posted by: Michael Morisy
H1N1, Routers, Security, SMC, SMC8014, Swine Flu, Time Warner Cable

Not enough ghosts and goblins running around for you? Just wait: News that Time Warner Cable has deployed a dual Wi-Fi router/cable...

October 20, 2009  11:20 PM

Everyone hates your insecure password rules

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Newsweek, Passwords, Security, Windows

Nick Summer spent an entertaining afternoon with

October 8, 2009  8:15 AM

How to find security Samsara

Posted by: Michael Morisy
NAISG, Security, Vulnerability Disclosure

Samsara: In Buddhism and Hinduism, the endless round of birth, death, and rebirth to which all conditioned beings are subject. -
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