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RSA 2011


February 22, 2011  9:19 AM

Did iPhones make the desktop virtualization call easier?

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Desktop Virtualization, iPhone, mobile virtualization, RSA, RSA 2011, virtualization

I had the opportunity to sit down with MokaFive CTO and founder John Whaley while I was at RSA, and we caught up on the adoption of desktop virtualization, where the hypervisor belongs, and more. He was even so kind as to allow me to shoot some  video, though the cafe where we were meeting makes...

February 17, 2011  1:25 PM

5 takeaways from the Department of Defense’s Cyber Strategy 3.0

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Department of Defense, IT Security, RSA, RSA 2011

William J. Lynn, III, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense, helped kick off RSA 2011 with a keynote, as

February 16, 2011  3:01 PM

Meet Rivest, Shamir and Adleman: The men behind RSA

Posted by: Michael Morisy
RSA, RSA 2011, Security

As Michael Mimoso reported earlier, cryptography and security pioneers

February 15, 2011  4:37 PM

The sneaky vulnerability that beat Coca-Cola’s HDD encryption and leaked the secret recipe

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Lenovo, RSA, RSA 2011, Security

Yesterday I wrote about how Lenovo,

February 15, 2011  3:52 PM

RSA Conference takes to the sky

Posted by: MelanieYarbrough
RSA, RSA 2011, Security, Twitter

Whether you're in San Francisco at RSA 2011 or...

February 15, 2011  1:50 PM

Oracle Database Firewall: A Babel Fish for SQL Sleazeballs

Posted by: Michael Morisy
RSA, RSA 2011, SQL Security

Oracle Database Firewall made its public debut here at RSA yesterday, and for a...

February 14, 2011  2:59 PM

At RSA, Cloud security as hazy as the weather

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Cloud security, RSA, RSA 2011

I'm heading to RSA this afternoon, and the

February 14, 2011  9:54 AM

Lenovo and WinMagic offer up new Full-Disk Encryption (FDE) management options

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Cloud security, RSA, RSA 2011, Security

As the Trusted Computing Group's Opal security standard...

February 10, 2011  12:01 PM

At RSA 2011, Hacktivism is (again) a corporate threat

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Cloud security, Hacktivism, RSA, RSA 2011, Wikileaks

Prepping for RSA, my days this week have been jam-packed with pre-briefings. Most of the announcements I've come across have been rather ho-hum: Product line updates, new partnerships, sales goals completed (Got something more exciting? Drop me a...

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