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April 18, 2011  3:23 PM

Microsoft Office 365 Public Beta: Coming soon, but not in a way that matters

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Google, Google Guerillas, Microsoft

When news spread that the Microsoft Office 365 public beta was out, I skipped the endless media slideshows, commentaries and punditizing to try it out for myself. So

September 13, 2010  12:29 PM

Email insecurity: How a GMail trick could trash your server

Posted by: MelanieYarbrough
E-mail, Google Guerillas

It seems innocent...

May 24, 2010  10:56 AM

VMWare and Google: The Odd Couple steps out

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Google, Google Guerillas, SaaS, virtualization, Virtualization in 2010, VMWare

A few years ago, a sighting of VMware and Google holding hands at a quaint bistro or being caught snogging on a...

January 11, 2010  9:07 AM

Readers Respond: The Year of the Power User

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Google Guerillas, Power users, Reader Response

A number of people responded to 2010: The (next) Year of the Power User. First up is ColinM, who suggested it's time...

January 5, 2010  9:12 AM

2010: The (next) Year of the Power User

Posted by: Michael Morisy
2010, Google Guerillas, Hacking Work, Power users

It's a bird, it's a plane ... it's the...

October 7, 2009  1:41 PM

Why you should fire your Hotmail users

Posted by: Michael Morisy
GMail, Google Guerillas, Hotmail, Yahoo!

At mid-sized and larger companies, the...

September 28, 2009  1:05 PM

Is Xobni coming to an e-mail inbox near you?

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Google Guerillas, Outlook, Xobni

Xobni, the plug-in that supercharges Outlook search, has built a steady buzz for itself since its 2006 founding. As Cruncbase describes it:

Xobni creates an information profile for each person you...

September 24, 2009  10:31 AM

Another GMail outage, but Google provides a workaround

Posted by: Michael Morisy
GMail, Google, Google Guerillas, Service Outage

Google's GMail last went down in a big way at the start of this month, and now GMail's facing more outages. At least they have a temporary solution, although it would be nice if it were a bit more prominently displayed for users...


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