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September 25, 2012  2:15 PM

The cloud providers are coming…

Posted by: Ben Rubenstein
AWS, Cloud, Cloud computing, Cloud Technologies, Microsoft, private cloud, Public cloud

Image of hybrid cloud concept

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July 19, 2011  8:06 AM

Is cloud storage actually on the rise?

Posted by: MelanieYarbrough
Cloud computing, Cloud Storage, Cloud Technologies

It seems the only people that are one hundred percent for the cloud are cloud vendors: storage, services, security, you name it. But the people who actually have to sign off their data to the cloud? Well,

July 11, 2011  6:51 AM

IT’s stance on social networking in the enterprise

Posted by: MelanieYarbrough
Cloud security, Cloud Technologies, social networking

When I chatted with David Sacks about social networking in the enterprise, he seemed to think that IT was coming around to cloud-based offerings. But when I

May 2, 2011  11:47 AM

Ignoring the cloud won’t save your job

Posted by: MelanieYarbrough
Cloud computing, Cloud Technologies, Exchange admin, IT Career, IT Jobs

Last week's number...

July 2, 2010  1:42 PM

What’s this “SkyDrive” you speak of?

Posted by: Kevin Beaver
Cloud Technologies, Kevin Beaver, Microsoft, Storage

Have you seen Microsoft's cloud storage offering called Windows Live SkyDrive? It's funny, SkyDrive has apparently been around for nearly three years but I'm just now hearing about it. I don't know...

November 19, 2009  10:41 AM

Featured Guest Post: The Storage Economics Practice, by Devang Panchigar

Posted by: Guest Author
Automated Storage Tiering, Budgets, CAPEX, Cloud Technologies, Deduplication, Devang Panchigar, Element Manager, Forecast, ILM, OPEX, SLA’s, SMB, SRM, Storage, Storage Economics, Storage Resource Management, StorageNerve, Thin provisioning

We're pleased to welcome Devang Panchigar of StorageNerve into the community with this guest post on storage spending. The Storage Economics Practice We all buy storage, either in the SMB...


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