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May 12, 2010  9:37 AM

Your Guide to Virtualization Blogs

Posted by: MelanieYarbrough
IT Blogs, Virtualization in 2010

Aside from simply sounding cool, virtualization is the most efficient way to, well, be...

April 28, 2010  3:32 PM

What recession? Interop: Las Vegas sees paid conference attendance spike 30%

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Interop, Interop Las Vegas 2010, IT Conferences, Networking, Networking in 2010

When I spoke with Lenny Heymann, general manager of Interop, he was very conservative in predicting event turnout, saying Interop 2010 was "going to be a little smaller than last year's" conference. Maybe he was just being modest, because once the crowds swelled in, the show was...

April 27, 2010  9:08 AM

This year, Interop Las Vegas is for the hungry

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Interop, Interop Las Vegas 2010, IT Conferences, Networking in 2010, SuperComm

With a few exceptions, conferences are growing smaller: Travel budgets are slashed, work loads are up, and companies...

April 26, 2010  7:20 PM

Interop 2010: Is there an IT guy in the house?

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Interop, Interop Las Vegas 2010, IT Conferences

Maybe it was the equivalent of having a heart attack at a cardiology trade show, but a number of Interop's early bird registrants found themselves on the receiving end of an IT snafu: Attendees were told to "Wait just 10 more minutes" as they were left to stare at an endlessly looping...

April 20, 2010  7:00 AM

Going to Interop? Get ready to do your homework

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Conferences, Interop, Interop Las Vegas 2010, IT Conferences, Networking, Networking in 2010

I spoke with Interop's general...

April 7, 2010  9:47 PM

The top technical books for networking professionals

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Careers, IT Books, Networking in 2010

Looking to boost your networking career, or simply bone up on the latest trends and topics in your field? You've come to...

April 1, 2010  7:00 AM

Your guide to the networking blogosphere

Posted by: Michael Morisy
IT Blogs, Networking

If the Internet really is a

February 3, 2010  11:53 PM

The Watch Blog’s Guide to the Cloud Computing Blogosphere

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Blogroll, Cloud computing, Cloud Computing in 2010, IT Blogs

Note: I'll be coming back and updating this list throughout February (and...

February 3, 2010  7:25 PM

Tech books on cloud computing

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Cloud computing, Cloud Computing in 2010, David Linthicum, George Reese, IT Books

Looking to brush up on cloud computing? I've polled analysts, IT professionals, publishers and Amazon to bring you some of the top reads on cloud computing. See something we missed? Let me know and we'll add it to our list! Top reads so far (click the title for more information):

February 1, 2010  9:38 AM

Ongoing annual savings from SAM programs requires ongoing involvement of IT staff and senior management

Posted by: Guest Author
IT business alignment in 2010, IT Staffing, SAM, Software asset management

Scott Rosenberg, founder and CEO of Miro Consulting, warns that without continued vigilance, software asset management programs aren't that much better than a crash diet. Read on for his thoughts on why, and what you can do to keep costs low for your IT department. For related information, read...

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