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September 1, 2010  2:06 PM

Analyze That… Wireless Network

Posted by: Kevin Beaver
.11n, Kevin Beaver, Wireless in 2010

If you do anything to support, manage, maintain, or secure

August 24, 2010  6:58 AM

Put him in, Coach: 802.11n is ready to play

Posted by: Kevin Beaver
.11n, Kevin Beaver, Wireless in 2010, Wireless Networking

If you read the vendor press releases and marketing slicks, you'd think that 802.11n was the bomb. It's faster, it's more powerful - it even has more antennas for goodness sake! Shouldn't that mean something to the average techie? Maybe so, but I'm just not seeing it. The 802.11n draft has been...

August 10, 2010  8:02 AM

Planning for Success: How to build the perfect .11n network bit by byte

Posted by: MelanieYarbrough
.11n, Wireless in 2010

It's the interior design of IT enterprise, but someone has to do it....

August 4, 2010  1:49 PM

802.11n: Not If, Not When – It’s Now

Posted by: Guest Author
.11n, Wireless in 2010

Wondering when you should update your wireless network from scattered unsecured "hotspots" to something a little more ... serious? Then you've been wondering a little too long, according to today's guest author Craig Mathias. Mathias is a Principal with the wireless and mobile advisory firm...


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