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Name:Kevin Beaver
Location:Atlanta, GA
Job Title:IT Security Consultant
Bio: I am an information security consultant with Principle Logic, LLC ( I focus my work on independent security assessments revolving around compliance and minimizing business risks. I'm also a professional speaker and author of over 600 articles and 11 books including Hacking For Dummies. I'm also the creator/producer of Security On Wheels providing security learning for IT professionals on the go (
Area of Expertise:Information Security, Compliance, BYOD, Cloud Computing, IT and Security Careers
Knowledge Points:14,990 pts.   ( How do I earn points? )

Recent Activity by Kevin Beaver:

What types of content shouldn’t be sent by email?

last updated: 2013-11-18 17:24:55 GMT   |   commented by: Kevin Beaver   |   Email, Email security

Protecting PDF Files

last updated: 2013-11-18 17:18:10 GMT   |   commented by: Kevin Beaver   |   encrypt files, PDF

Egress Filtering

last updated: 2013-11-18 17:14:57 GMT   |   commented by: Kevin Beaver   |   filtering

What is the best way to protect a 4 digit password?

last updated: 2013-11-18 17:04:55 GMT   |   commented by: Kevin Beaver   |   Cryptography, Password Protection

Security differences: Proxy vs. Firewall

last updated: 2013-11-18 16:59:12 GMT   |   commented by: Kevin Beaver   |   Firewall, Proxy, Security

Passwords stored in Plain Text?

last updated: 2013-11-14 20:11:04 GMT   |   commented by: Kevin Beaver   |   Passwords, Plain text

Is a Firewall impervious to Viruses?

last updated: 2013-11-14 20:09:40 GMT   |   commented by: Kevin Beaver   |   Firewalls, Internet security, Viruses

Virus scanning app for .Net

last updated: 2013-11-14 20:05:47 GMT   |   commented by: Kevin Beaver   |   .NET, APIs, C, Virus protection

Data Loss Prevention – Requirements

last updated: 2013-11-14 20:04:11 GMT   |   commented by: Kevin Beaver   |   Data Loss Prevention, Data Loss Prevention Software

AVG is showing an application as a threat

last updated: 2013-11-14 20:03:34 GMT   |   commented by: Kevin Beaver   |   anti-virus, AVG, VB .NET

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